Willow planting & plot marking

Yesterday’s work day was a success. We continued planting willow cuttings along the west boundary, sorted out the tool shed and marked out some plots along the south-eastern boundary. The day started very windy with rain, but this soon cleared.

Plots are available on a first come first served basis. We have some 5 x 5m, 10 x 5m and 15 x 5m ones marked out. See here for details. If you are interested, become a member and snap one up now!

Thanks to Agronomy @ Orkney College and the McCance’s for willow cuttings and other donors for hessian backed carpet.

WE NEED MORE HESSIAN BACKED CARPET for willow planting (no nylon/foam please). Maybe you have an old roll in the garage just itching for a new lease of life?!

Next work day – 22nd March 10:00 – 16:00 (come along for whatever you can manage, it all helps).

Willow shelter belt takes shape

Willow cuttings ready to go

New notice board (yes it gets windy!)

Plots markers (this is a path – the plots are bigger!)

Early inhabitants of the wet area – frogspawn in a tractor wheel rut.