Foundations in place

Great progress was made on Saturday for the work day (3rd May). The concrete lorry arrived just after 9am and tipped the load onto some plastic. Then the race was on to set the ground stays for the polytunnel. We hired a motorised wheelbarrow which helped move the concrete across the field to the site. A good turnout made light work of loading barrows and levelling the ground stay poles. We had quite a bit of concrete spare so the decision was made to move the shed and use the rest to lay a much needed base. By noon the concrete was starting to set but we managed to use every last bit and build a fine slab.

With the polytunnel base in place the next task is to build the frame. This will start on the next work day (17th May). We also need to lay the ecopaving on the car park soon.

Concrete arrives

Loading up

Hole in one!

Set solid!

Shed foundation nearly there

Job done!