Ecopaving and out

We had a good work day on Saturday laying the ecopaving for the car park. The paving is made from recycled plastic and will provide a good durable surface that will blend into the garden once some grass gets established. We had a load of sand delivered the day before and spread this over the hardcore. The paving was then laid. It comes in sections which easily snap together. We just had to make sure it was straight with the tarmac in the entrance. Once this was laid we waited for a 20T load of stone chips to be delivered which was tipped on top. We spread enough of this to provide access to part of the car park – the rest will have to wait… 5T + 20T is a lot to shift in a day with a shovel! We all certainly slept well! It was great to finally get the paving laid (it arrived before Christmas!) and get one of the major set up tasks, funded by our Awards for All grant, near to completion. Next work day – the polytunnel frame.

Sand spreading

First paving laid

Making progress

Paving detail

All laid …… bring on the chips!

Yikes! Sharpen the shovels!

Chip spreading

That’ll do for today! Retreat for an ice bath!