Paths, flowers and a visit from Kirkwall Youth Cafe

The work day last Saturday was helped with a visit from members of the Kirkwall Youth Café. Turf was laid around the edge of the hardstanding to neaten this up and blend it in with the surrounding ground. The main path was laid out from the shed to the gate and polytunnel area. This is to be made from sarking planks set on edge, held with stakes, and filled with stone chips. Materials were laid out along the route, a strip of grass mown and pegs were cut. The aim is to get the paths completed over the next few weeks. Many thanks to the Youth Café for their help!

Members of the community garden showed the Youth Café around their plots and discussions were had about how to start a plot, what to grow and how to maintain things. We hope this will the first of many visits.

Wild flowers are out in force at the garden at the moment – buttercups, marsh orchids, bog cotton and more provide a carpet of colour. It is interesting to see what plants the field contains as the seasons change and to think how we can increase biodiversity and attract birds and insects.