Paths taking shape …

…. curvy shapes that is! Construction of the main access path between the shed and polytunnel / Marwick Playing Fields gate got well underway at the last work day. The materials and route were laid out previously, and the first section was set out, so work carried on apace towards the lower gate. Not in a straight line of course (one of the unwritten rules of the site!) but in a lovely wiggle through the central area and its carpet of wild flowers.

The construction technique is to follow the path line with 0.5m long pegs driven into the ground and nail the sarking (150mm wide wooden planking used for house roofs) to the inside, trying to maintain a nice curve as you go. Working down one side for a few lengths we then laid the opposing side in parallel. We cut a measuring stick to guide us along for the opposite side. The path is 1.4m wide.

Geotextile membrane was cut and laid in the base of the path channel and covered with stone chips. These will eventually be 0.1m thick and form a good firm surface. The aim is to provide wheelchair access from the car park down through the centre of the site to the polytunnel. The wooden edging was laid down the lower gate, the last section left for the next work day. More stone chips are needed to fill the path.

The shed was also put back onto its fine new concrete base ….. solid! Now we can rig up some guttering to our new repaired 1000 litre water tank to collect water. Not a final solution to the need for a water supply, but a good start.

Antonia took some close up pictures of the wild flowers – watch out for a post about these soon!