Paths near completion! Next work day Sun 10th August

We had a productive work day last Saturday. Field drains were laid below the path and geotextile and stone chips were laid. A culvert was built from concrete blocks and slabs for the main ditch. It’s all very dry now but this area was ankle deep in surface water in the spring! The path now nearly reaches from the car park / shed area, snaking through the site, to the Marwick Playing Field gate. Some more chips to lay and edging and the path will be complete. A fine job and well done to all those who helped construct it. This is the Awards for All funded project ‘providing access to SCG’ very nearly completed!















The next major step will be erecting the polytunnel frame (the foundations are already in) and covering it.

The next work day will be Sun 10th August 11 – 3pm. We will finish off the paths and plan for the polytunnel. What better way to work off those show week ending blues!