Polytunnel goes under cover

Quick post to deliver the great news that in much kinder weather than before, the polytunnel skin is now in place.

Today’s calm sunshine meant a handful of folk – guided as before by Bob Nelson – were able to get the plastic sheet over the frame in just minutes.

In fact some of the gang who came along as soon as they got home from work missed the big moment. Never mind, after Bob had done the responsible bit wielding the knife and tucking in the cut ends, there was plenty of earth needing shovelled to make it secure.

What next? Work will continue on Saturday morning – from 9am if you’re able – to get the structure as strong to the wind as we can before the weather is forecast to turn more like normal (easterlies gusting 40mph) on Sunday.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped throughout getting the polytunnel to this stage. And in particular, again, to Bob Nelson who’s been with us much of the way and whose expertise is invaluable.