Trustees’ meeting May 17th

The Garden trustees opted for a new venue for their latest bi-monthly meeting on May 17th. Wheelbarrows, a fishbox, ladders, timbers and a few chairs too were pressed into service to turn the polytunnel into a temporary meeting room for eight folk. (We’re gardeners, after all, not accountants.)

The main discussion points were:

  1. How to organise the polytunnel
  2. Water

There’ll be personal plots to rent on which you can cultivate pretty much whatever you like. But you won’t need a plot of your own to enjoy gardening out of the wind. Members can use the communal areas to:

  • share in tending/eating a public herb garden
  • grow plants for yourself in a container
  • harvest fruit from a shared tree or two
  • or simply enjoy the space.

The trustees want to get the balance right between communal space and personal plots. The standard size of a personal plot is likely to be around 8x4ft, with options to have less and perhaps more.
Members: please look out for messages asking Would you like your own plot? How big?.

Once we have a sense of how many people want plots, the Trustees can confirm sizes and annual fees.
The Trustees have also discussed other polytunnel issues like use of chemicals, biological pest control, invasive plants.

Everyone’s well aware that a water supply for the site becomes even more important once folk are growing under cover. The trustees have a plan for a borehole and handpump but it’s going to take effort and fundraising to make progress. So please have a think how you can help us tackle the challenge. Do you have time, ideas, expertise to offer?