Polytunnel – let’s get growing

The first plotholders have started planting in the polytunnel! Feel free to visit and see what’s growing on inside. Read on if you’d like to join them.

Would you like to grow in it too?

  • There are still plenty of plots available so if you’d like one, read the Rent A Plot information or ask a trustee. A 3m² unit costs £15/year.
  • If you’re a member but you don’t want a plot inside the polytunnel, you can pay a £5 annual fee to use space inside the polytunnel for up to three planters, a grow bag or some other container.

Polytunnel annual fees will go towards biological control throughout the tunnel if (when) pests and diseases find their way in.

If you see something you think is unwelcome, please tell one of the trustees and we’ll look to find a solution that’s right for all affected growers.

Everyone is well aware the roof won’t last forever, so fees will also contribute to the cost of a replacement when a winter (summer?) gale ultimately damages it beyond repair.

But for now, let’s enjoy the warmth and shelter we’ve battled to get. Come and get growing!


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