Wet and dry progress in July

Two workdays this month mean the Garden has now gained an actual pond (not just huge squelchy puddles) in the boggy area near the northern fence line.

It’s officially a wildlife pond too, as a toad hopped in even while we were still digging. Hopefully plenty more plants and creatures will adopt it. There are no plans at the moment to artificially manage what grows there.

The pond is about a foot deep, a bit more in some places. If you feel the urge, you can comfortably explore it with wellies on, unless you’re peedie.

The earth dug out of the pond was barrowed a few yards away to make a bank to offer the polytunnel some protection from westerly winds. We need to get that bund higher to make much difference, come the winter – especially as the willows in the shelter belts have not put on much weight this cold, wet year.
So, if you’re doing any digging on site and end up with spare earth, please help build up the bank with your leftovers.

Other success? The picnic table now matches the shed, thanks to Jenny today painting it with preservative. By the time you read this, the wood should be dry.


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