Get well soon

Here’s an update on progress towards getting the Garden a sustainable water supply.

The trustees and fellow members are still looking for help. What can you offer?

There’s plenty of work to do. To get contractors in and have a borehole and pump installed is going to cost something like £5–7,000. Kate and Ian will be happy to hear from anyone with ideas, money, ideas for getting money…

  • First off, the shed roof rainwater collection system that Scott built is doing its job admirably. He’s also the bloke to thank for the black plastic jerry cans beside it, that anyone’s welcome to use.

  • New today – and currently still dry – is a barrel well that Ian dreamt up and dug out. It won’t give us much water but it’s hopefully going to catch some of the flow from the drainage channels in a spot near the polytunnel and where it’s easy to get the water out with a bucket. If it actually works, Ian will think about digging another one.
    For safety, please always replace the plastic grid on top every time you use it.

  • Lastly, some news on efforts to raise money to pay for a borehole and a hand pump.

    Trustees have been in touch with helpful folk at OIC who are confident that our project already fits most of the requirements for an application to the Council’s Community Development Fund. There are some details to sort but we’ve had strong encouragement that what we’ve got in mind is likely to be viewed by OIC as a worthwhile project to back.

    We’re also constantly on the lookout for other potential donors and grant funders, as OIC rules are that only 50% of capital costs can come from the CDF. Forestry Commission Scotland knocked us back. We’re now in the process of bidding to the Postcode Community Trust.

    If you hear about grants that sound relevant to community gardening, or firms with corporate schemes that might back the Garden’s long term viability, please let any of the trustees know.

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