Can you help as a Trustee?

Here’s news of a few changes among the Trustees, as well as an invitation if you’d like to nominate someone (including you yourself) to act as Secretary or to join the Garden Society’s Trustees.

Correction (October 25th 2015)

Some of the information below is wrong.
Turns out it’s a good idea if someone who writes a blog post about the official side of how the Garden runs, checks with folk who really know. According to our Constitution if a new Secretary is needed between AGMs, the post is filled by someone who is already a Trustee. So an appeal to members to join the Trustees at this point is not valid.

If you would like to join the Trustees, members are welcome to put themselves forward at an annual general meeting. Our next is in February 2016.
Please feel free to talk with any Trustee about the process. Voluntary Action Orkney is running a free training session in December about being a trustee that you may also find helpful.

Thank you, Kate

Kate Thompson has served the Garden superbly as a committee member and Secretary since, ooh, the very start of the project. She has decided to stand down from her role as Secretary but her legacy is a great setup for handling the admin.

So first off, many many thanks to Kate Thompson for her hard work. She’s standing down from the Trustees as well but will always be welcome at the Garden and our events.

Would you like to help as a Trustee?

Which brings us to how to fill Kate’s valuable position among the Trustees. Secretary is an official role that we must fill and whose name is registered with the charity regulator, OSCR. The job involves email and written correspondence, minutes, setting up Trustee meetings as well as reporting to the AGM.

The Trustees are considering easing the burden on the next Secretary by splitting off membership admin into a separate job of Membership Secretary. That’s not an official role (just really useful) and will centre on handling joining and plot fees plus being involved – alongside other Trustees – with responding to requests from plotholders and other members.

  • If you would like to put forward someone for either of these positions, please talk to a Trustee or email
  • We also have a vacancy for one Trustee to join the committee as a general volunteer. Meetings are roughly every two months, less frequently in summer as we’re so often up the site.
  • Just to be clear, none of the Trustees are paid for any of their time or work. Reasonable expenses are covered so you should not be out of pocket on anything you buy in order to help out.

The Trustees are inviting nominations until Friday September 25th and will look to appoint a new Secretary and probably separate Membership Secretary very shortly after that.


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