November 29th workday

The Garden has already weathered a couple of gales this last month but on Sunday November 29th we’re running a workday to get all areas of the site as secure as possible against winter storms.

Please come along for whatever time you can between 11am and 2pm.


You must please take sensible precautions so that nothing on your plot poses a risk to anyone or anything nearby in storms etc.
If you would like help to move, tie down or protect anything on your plot, this workday is a chance to share the effort and get this essential job done collaboratively.


We are pleased (and grateful) that Bob Nelson – who helped so generously with erecting the polytunnel – has agreed to make time to visit on Sunday, check how it looks now and suggest any improvements to help the plastic skin in particular to survive the winter.

It would be fantastic to see as many members as possible on Sunday so we can tackle whatever tasks Bob advises. This is our best chance to batten down the hatches before winter really arrives, so please do turn out and share the workload if you can.


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