Birsay gardening mission

Would you like to help an elderly local man keep his delightful garden tidy – and raise some money for the Stromness Community Garden?

Dan Lee and I have been chatting with a gentleman called Bertie in Birsay Village who has offered to donate to our group, if we can help him to keep his garden manageable by doing some clearing up. Maggie Wheeler is also helping make plans.

As you can see, we’re not tackling a jungle. There’s no heavy lifting involved and no strimming or power tools needed. Bertie knows his plants but isn’t at all precious about what gets hacked, pruned, lifted. There’ll be some digging but not much.

Would you like to help out? A group of 4–6 people will make quite a difference in just one day.

The date is to be confirmed but Saturday April 23rd or Sunday April 24th are on the cards.

We will organise shared transport. For anyone who wants to arrive/leave independently, there are direct buses between Stromness and Birsay on Saturdays, plus more via Finstown.

Bertie’s house is very close to both the Birsay Bay Tearoom and the Palace Stores. At the very least, the Garden will make sure volunteers are kept warm and watered as thanks for your time and effort.

To sign up or find out more, you can:

  1. email
  2. write your name on the whiteboard inside the polytunnel
  3. leave a quick reply to this post (best not to include personal contact info)
  4. speak to Dan, Maggie or me

If you can help Bertie – and the Garden – then thank you very much for your time.

Ian Garman


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