Making a difference in Birsay

The Birsay Gardening Mission has been successfully completed!

A crack team of five Trustees and members – plus child labour too, care of Lucie – ventured to Birsay despite a wintry weather forecast for Saturday April 23rd.

We relaid some carpet paths and made quite a difference to the veg patch and flower beds that were becoming dandelion heaven.

Bertie showed us some photos of how his garden looks in its full glory. We didn’t restore it to that level, but he was glad that we helped make it tidier. He was exceptionally generous in making a very large donation to the Garden. Thank you Bertie!
The Trustees will have a think about something to use the money for that will recognise his support.

We may also make a return visit to Bertie’s in the autumn to help him keep his garden manageable. Keep an eye out for more information on that, if you’d like to help the next time Stromness Community Garden goes community gardening.


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