Blue Door success

Our week at the Blue Door charity shop in Kirkwall raised a fantastic amount of money: £3,050.

That will make an enormous difference to what we can do in the Garden, so thank you to everyone who helped out. That includes the people who originally got us on the waiting list back in about 2013/2014, all who made arrangements in the run-up to our week, collected and delivered stuff to sell, or who helped in the shop – and of course the Blue Door’s own team of volunteers.

What will we do with the money? The main idea is to use some of it as our contribution towards a funding bid to move forward with water supply plans. The issue in the past has been the uncertainty over how much it will cost to dig a borehole. Funders don’t like allocating money to ‘contingencies’. With this amount of funds, we can afford to cover some of the contingency ourselves.

And money in the bank helps us offer the match-funding that many grant awards ask for. So we hope to multiply the Blue Door income and use it for site improvements, such as those that folk discussed at the AGM in February. Trustees are always happy to hear your ideas.


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