What a Summer so far…

Since my blog in mid-April, the weather, as no doubt you will have noticed, has been pretty exceptional! It’s not often that weeks of sunshine and warm weather are strung together, not least in Orkney.

It’s been a great opportunity to spend some real time at the Garden, not just making sure that things are growing and the weeding’s been done, but instead enjoying the site for its wildflowers, insects and the tranquility it offers at the end of a busy day.

We are of course enjoying Orkney’s special summer dim, that time of year when it never really goes dark but instead a veil of half light is cast over the land and sea. The weather’s been so sunny in fact that it’s mainly felt like daytime 24/7.

The sunshine is of course good for growing, the outdoor plots have flourished as have those in the polytunnel. Not surprisingly water has been an issue, the winter reserves didn’t last long and it’s a rare thing to have to water the outdoor plots. It’s brought into clear view the garden’s need for a secure water supply, so this is something the trustees will be exploring with renewed vigor in the coming weeks and months.

Other additions at the site include a new shed that belongs to the Grieveship Residents Association. It will act as a shared resource for the two groups and should enable some further rain water collection. The garden has just taken delivery of a new raised bed, made by the St Colms Centre and built to last. The raised beds, more of which are to follow, will we hope, provide more accessible opportunities for growing and cater for growers who may not wish to take on a full plot.

We hope to follow soon with dates for forthcoming workdays but in the meantime here are a few recent photos from the garden.


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