Tree Planting & New Faces

There was a wonderful turnout for Sunday’s tree planting event with 25 people braving a  bitterly cold North wind. It was great to welcome so many new faces to the Garden, most of whom will be taking on growing space for the year ahead. Members are of course critical to the sustainability of the charity so it’s excellent to get a boost of interested and willing people.


The Woodland Trust kindly agreed to support the Garden with more trees but it’s particularly important in Orkney that these are sourced locally, so instead of them being supplied from stock we were able to source a selection of 40 locally grown Rowan, Hawthorn and Hazel. This way they have the best possible chance of success.

Many hands made light work of the 40 trees – they have been planted out on the hillside above the polytunnel and will in time add to the ongoing development of the site, adding important shelter and habitat for wildlife. These species were also chosen for there fruit bearing quality and will add to the overall productiveness of the garden. We used a couple of different methods of weed control, both standard black plastic and also a cardboard and mature method to keep the grass at bay. We will keep a close eye on both to see if there’s much difference in there progress.



Sunday was also an opportunity for new folk to orientate themselves at the site and we took some time to explore the site together and hear any new ideas for further additions and developments that members would like to implement this year. Keep an eye out for more community garden news and workdays coming up very soon.





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