Rent a plot

External plots are currently available for rent. Although the ploytunnel is currently full there is sufficient indoor space for grow bags/fish boxes and to bring on outdoor plants. Members are welcome to hold an outside plot and/or an undercover one. Read on for costs, typical sizes and other information.

External allotment style plots cost £0.50 per m² per year.

You can tailor your plot size to your need, up to the maximum of 15×5m.
Suggested sizes for external plots: small raised bed / ‘border style plot’, 5×5m, 10×5m or 15×5m.

Example: 5×5m external plot = £12.50 per year, plus membership

Polytunnel plots cost £10 per year for a 3m² unit.

There is also a standard flat rate annual charge of £5 for all polytunnel users. This lets you keep up to three 15″ pots or a fishbox under cover, even if you don’t have a polytunnel plot.

Plot space in the polytunnel is based on units that measure 1.2×2.5m and cost £10 per year. You can hold up to two units.

Example: 1 polytunnel unit = £15 per year, plus membership

Please note, the polytunnel annual charge includes biological pest control should this be needed. Please report pests if you see them.

Raised beds

The garden has recently taken delivery of two raised beds made locally at St Colms. The beds are intended to add additional growing space for suitable produce particularly for those with access needs.

Raised bed space is based on half a bed that measures 1.2 x 2m that cost £5 per year plus membership.

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