Rent a plot

External and polytunnel plots are now available for rent. Members are welcome to hold an outside plot and/or an undercover one. Read on for costs, typical sizes and other information.

External allotment style plots cost £0.50 per m² per year.

You can tailor your plot size to your need, up to the maximum of 15×5m.
Suggested sizes for external plots: small raised bed / ‘border style plot’, 5×5m, 10×5m or 15×5m.

Example: 5×5m external plot = £12.50 per year, plus membership

Polytunnel plots cost £10 per year for a 3m² unit.

There is also a standard flat rate annual charge of £5 for all polytunnel users. This lets you keep up to three 15″ pots or a fishbox under cover, even if you don’t have a polytunnel plot.

Plot space in the polytunnel is based on units that measure 1.2×2.5m and cost £10 per year. You can hold up to two units.

Example: 1 polytunnel unit = £15 per year, plus membership

Please note, the polytunnel annual charge includes biological pest control should this be needed. Please report pests if you see them.


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