Site history

Brownstown or ‘Broonstoon’ is the farm through which Brownstown Road runs. Now much restored, it was a dairy farm well into the 20th century. Originally it belonged to the Brown family of merchants/lawyers who had a small farm estate in the area. The valley in which the community garden spans leads to the Loons, the large area of marshy ground behind Brinkie’ Brae. The burn, known as Duncan’s burn, that passes down the valley from the Loons is now piped, but emerges among gardens between Franklin Road and Graham Place. Its water used to supply the brewery of the Flett family in the lane called Pigeon Creek. There is a Chalybeate well (mineral well) adjacent to the road.
(Thanks to Bryce Wilson for info.)

The well is marked on the Ordnance Survey 1882 map (Orkney Sheet CVI.7, National Library of Scotland).

Chalybeate well